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FFC Board Elections 

Thank you to our incoming board members serving for the 2019-20 school year!

President: Megan Rose

Vice President: Summer Sinan

Treasurer: Whitney Farris

Secretary: Janiene Ullrich

Ways & Means: Stacey Lopez

Membership & Community Outreach: Elizabeth & Dan Brauning

Promotions & Marketing: Heather Kaminski

The mission of the FFC is to provide educational support to our students, teachers and the school community to enrich the learning experience for every student at Alta Heights Elementary School. Our next board election will take place in April 2020 for one position for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.

Questions/More info:

Duties of the President:

  • Attend all FFC meetings

  • Serve as the principle executive officer of the organization and shall in general supervise all the activities of the organization.

  • Serve as a member ex-officio of all standing and special committees and shall have power to appoint the chair of standing and special committees.

  • Serve as a signer on all FFC accounts.

  • Make available to all incoming officers of the Executive Board, a copy of the Bylaws of the AHFFC.

  • Serve as the primary FFC contact for the Principal and faculty.

  • Read and follow-up on all email received through the organization email account.

  • Be guided by the Bylaws of the organization always.

  • Oversee Alta Heights After School Enrichment Program. 

Duties of the Vice President:

  • Attend all FFC meetings.

  • Act as aide to the President and, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.

  • Serve as Room Parent Coordinator, and as such will assist the Room Parents with learning the duties of their position, and will maintain an ongoing communication with the Room Parents throughout the academic year.

  • Serve as the Teacher-Staff Liaison for the FFC. Communicate with teachers re: events or current happenings.

  • Manage the master calendar of fundraiser events and Family “Fun Nights” for each school year.

Duties of Marketing/Community Outreach:

  • Attend all FFC meetings. 

  • Serve as primary communications officer for the organization, coordinating timely notices on the bulletin board, the marquee sign, website, social media, communications app, flyers, posters and Gator Gazette.

  • Collaborate with board members to engage, form relationships, advocate and inform our school community and groups about the FFC mission, goals, relevancy, inclusion, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Oversee the Dine and Donate Program and assist committee chair with promotion.

  • Coordinate and assist FFC members with promotions and marketing; ensure quality communications, accuracy, and compliance.

  • Manage Gator Gear inventory, sales, graphic design and ordering.

  • Submit FFC event and meeting information to NVUSD and prominent community calendars.

  • Acts as a community outreach liaison to promote FFC mission, activities and fundraisers to develop strategic marketing and community partnerships.

  • Oversee/promote use of Escript program and Benefit app.

Duties of the Secretary (position filled, open July 2020):

  • Attend all FFC meetings; communicate with the President if unable to attend. Bring previous meetings minutes for reference if questions arise, as well as, copy of FFC Bylaws to ensure proper procedure is followed during meetings.

  • Record the official minutes of all meetings of the organization.

  • Keep an accurate record of those in attendance of monthly FFC meetings via sign in sheets, including childcare.

  • Publish and post monthly meeting minutes on the FFC bulletin board and on communications app within 5 days of each meeting. Provide Marketing board member copy of minutes to post on FFC website. 

  • Submit minutes for approval by the membership at monthly meetings. Once minutes are approved, sign and date.

  • Manage the FFC Bylaws.

  • Send greeting cards and other notes as requested by the President or Principal.

  • Oversee/maintain email contacts. Ensure information is accurate and each member has access.

Duties of the Treasurer:

  • Attend all FFC meetings. 

  • Maintain oversight of all funds of the organization in accordance with the organization’s financial policies.

  • Receive, record and deposit all incoming monies to the organization.

  • Arrange payments and disbursements as authorized by the budget as approved, or amended, by the membership.

  • Serve as a signer on all FFC bank accounts.

  • Present a written report of the organization’s financial accounts at every FFC meeting.

  • Arrange  annual impartial audit of the organization’s finances to ensure accordance with state and federal non-profit organization financial policies.

  • Arrange annual payment of the organization’s liability insurance premium.

  • Serve as chief financial officer for each FFC fundraising event. In so doing, prepare a summary of credits, debits, and final profit/loss for each event.

  • Arrange and prepare all accounting records from fiscal year and deliver to the appointed accountant for FFC yearly tax return.

Duties of Ways & Means:

  • Attend all FFC meetings. 

  • Manage and oversee the FFC event volunteer sign-ups.

  • Work with the Vice President to maintain and oversee the events calendar for the FFC.

  • Meet with event chairpersons to go over ways & means protocols for school events.

  • Meet with the event chairpersons to check in on planning process and facilitate any assistance needed from FFC board/members.

  • Ensure that each chairperson keeps an accurate record of event planning (a paper binder or online file) that can be passed on to the next chairperson for that event.