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Alta Heights Elementary School Family Faculty Club Bylaws





Section 1.01. Name.The name of this club shall be the Alta Heights Family Faculty Club(AHFFC).

Section 1.02. Purpose.The specific purpose of this organization is to advance the education of students at Alta Heights Elementary School by providing educational equipment, materials, tools, services, and other assistance (both tangible and intangible) to the students, faculty, and administration thereof. The Alta Heights Family Faculty Club seeks to increase communication and cooperation among the students, parents, faculty and administration of Alta Heights Elementary School and to promote a close working community relationship among all through various activities and events.

The Alta Heights Family Faculty Club will engage in fundraising activities for the purpose of meeting the needs of Alta Heights students, parents, faculty, and administrators that are not being met by federal, state and district funding. The activities of this club are not limited only to fundraising and will include volunteering time and knowledge to aid the teachers and employees at Alta Heights Elementary School.


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