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Become a Sponsor

With your dollars, Alta Heights students are ensured access to consistent art programs, field trips, assemblies, educational supplies, enrichment programs, and in-classroom technology!


Business Sponsorship Levels: $3,000 | $1,500 | $750 | $500 | $300

Family Sponsorship Levels: $500 | $300 | $150


Please fill out our Sponsorship Form and mail a check made out to:

Alta Heights FFC

15 Montecito Boulevard

Napa, CA 94559.


You can also make a quick and easy online donation by clicking the images below or visit our Square Sponsorship page!

Sponsors will receive recognition based on level of giving. See details below or view our Sponsor Chart. We have several levels of giving to accommodate every community sponsor!

All online, social media, newsletter, ParentSquare, and print acknowledgement will take place during the year in which the donation is given. Greatest Gator and Golden Gator sponsor banners will remain up for at least 2 years!


For more info:

Thank you for the tremendous gift you are providing our kids! 

501(c)(3) Tax ID: 68-0012852

Greatest Gator

$3,000 Business Sponsorship

Grand Gator

$500 Business or Family Sponsorship

Golden Gator

$1,500 Business Sponsorship

Groovy Gator

$300 Business or Family Sponsorship

Sponsor images.png
Giving Gator

$750 Business Sponsorship

Fantastic Families

$150 Family Sponsorship

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