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Missoula Children's Theatre

Calling all 1st-5th grade students! The Missoula Children's Theatre is coming to Alta Heights in their “little red truck” loaded with a set, lights, costumes, props and make-up. Everything it takes to put on a play...except the cast! The team will hold an open audition on Monday (bring your signed permission slip!) and 50-60 students will be cast* in the chosen production. The show is rehearsed throughout the week after school and two public performances are presented on Saturday!

Not every performer will be needed at every rehearsal. The directors will provide a detailed schedule once play is cast following auditions.


*What Parents Should Know:

*The Missoula team will choose between 50-60 students to appear in the show. Depending on how many students audition, not everyone will necessarily be cast in the play. While we encourage our students to be risk takers, please carefully consider whether this is an appropriate risk for your student. Parents can support their child by remaining positive regardless of the outcome and praising their child's efforts. All students with parts in the play will need to be available all week for their assigned rehearsal times Monday-Friday and on Saturday for both performances. 

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