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What We Fund

Our mission is to provide educational support to our students,
teachers and the school community to enrich the learning experience
for every student at Alta Heights Elementary School.
MAST Enrichment

Mathematics, Arts, Science, Technology. Support MAST curriculum, enrichment classes and educational programs.

Special Programs

Sponsor Missoula Children's Theater residency, Art & Science Night,

Family Fun Nights, special programs and educational assemblies.

Educational Supplies

Contribute funding for our Media Center,

classroom technology, software programs and supplies, library enhancements and playground equipment.

Build Community

Engage our school community through Family Fun Nights, Gator Spirit Days, Dine & Donates, and collaborate with staff and ELAC English Learners advocate group.

Field Trips

Offer 5th Grade Outdoor Education scholarships, field trip experiences and transportation grants.

Support Staff

Provide our staff and teachers support, fund aides and specialists, and help bridge the gap to enrich the learning experience for every student.

View our Budget

The FFC Budget is approved at the beginning of each school year. Click the link below to view the current budget.

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